Viefe Cabinet Handles

Viefe Handles By Bedrooms Plus

At Bedrooms Plus we are passionate about creating our own products of which we have many. Equally, we like to be able to offer incredible products from other designers and makers throughout the world. Along with our own range of M4TEC furniture handles, we are proud to be unique distributors of the incredible Viefe Cabinet Handle Range.

Unique Design Backed By Incredible Quality

Cabinet handles are one of the most widely used products in your home. Quality is very important but so are the values of the design and manufacturing. This is why we chose to work with Viefe. 

Viefe cabinet handles offer some of the most stunning designs in the industry. All backed by an incredible eye for detail and focus on quality control. Viefe stands out in their approach as they work with some of the top designers in the world. When you choose a Viefe handle for your furniture, you are choosing a beautifully crafted and expertly designed product that has been made at the hands of experts.

Focussing on a product that you know we believe makes a big difference. This is another unique approach of Viefe in that they focus on 2 product lines. Furniture cabinet handles and wall hooks. Very similar products, in essence, meaning that the team all have a near-identical focus which creates an amazing product.

We are delighted to be working with Viefe and to be able to stock some of their amazing range here in the UK. Many of the handles that we stock are not sold by other suppliers in the UK as we handpick the designs we like and we source them in large volume to allow the best possible pricing to our customers.

Along with our own range of cabinet handles, take a moment to CLICK HERE and browse our current and ever-expanding Viefe handle range which are all available with worldwide delivery.