Tools Of The Trade

At Bedrooms Plus we take great pride in the fact that we know our products. We are creators. We make sliding wardrobe doors and we make our extremely popular KwikCaps range of self-adhesive screw caps.

We believe that to truly know a product and be able to provide exceptional customer service, you have to create the product. Large stores that sell everything cannot have the hands-on technical knowledge of every piece of stock. Independent manufacturers, designers and creators like ourselves can offer a service like no other because we love our products.

We love to see the increasing amount of companies trying to break the mould and create new ideas and we support this. For this reason, we would love to share some information on some amazing companies that are bringing something new to the table. Although we supply both the trade and public, these particular products are very much designed for the trade by the trade.

U-Scribe Jig

U-Scribe Jig

An incredible little tool that has created an equally incredible online community

An incredibly useful product created by Dan & Scott using their many years of industry expertise.

The U-Scribe jig is practical, resourceful and accurate, giving a perfect fit every time. Designed to be a third hand in the installation of fillers, fascias and plinths throughout the furniture installation industry. The uncomplicated U shaped design will save time and enable an accurate scribe for the perfect professional finish.

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Key blades and fixings

Key Blades & Fixings

Quickly becoming one of the big names in saw blades

Mitch & Lee put over 25 years of industry experience into building a company that goes up against the big names in saw blades. They are growing quickly due to the quality of the product and a growing online fanbase.

It just shows that there is always room for another player to enter the game even in a crowded market.

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Scribe Block Tool

The Block Scribe

An Eco Friendly, 3D Printed tool for perfect scribing

An extremely useful tool especially used alongside the U-Scribe Jig. These bright yellow blocks are designed and 3D printed by former Masters of Wood winning cabinet maker, Steve at SBT Design in Sussex.

With this handy tool, you can accurately scribe a parallel line along a surface with 6 pre-set scribe dimensions of 9,12,15,18,19 & 22mm to suit most common sheet material thicknesses used in the UK

Made entirely from eco-friendly PLA and includes a Staedtler Noris pencil

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