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M4TEC Professional Furniture Hardware

What is M4TEC?

  • A brand of professional furniture hardware
  • Carefully selected and individually tested for use
  • Only the highest quality materials used.

M4TEC™ Products for Professionals:

M4TEC™ for the Public too:

  • Our product range of furniture hardware, fixings and accessories is also available direct to members of the public via our Bedrooms Plus company. Now you can be assured of finding exactly what you need at affordable prices. You'll no longer have to endure the frustration of trailing round big retail outlets for a limited range and inflated prices. Our customer satisfaction ratings speak for themselves.

Why choose M4TEC™:

  • An exclusive brand of Bedrooms Plus
    – a name you can trust since 1980
  • High quality, well-designed and well-made furniture products you can rely upon
  • Low prices and outstanding value for money
  • Large quantities readily available for distribution from our UK warehouse
  • Fast shipping networks UK and worldwide.