Ordering Bespoke Sliding Wardrobe Doors Online

Hand Made For Easy Installation

When you order your sliding wardrobe doors from Bedrooms Plus you are in great hands, as we still make our doors by hand after more than 40 years. Installation of your sliding doors is made to be extremely easy for a number of reasons. 

The first thing being that when you order custom-size sliding doors, they are manufactured to fit your space exactly. On top of this, we fully assemble the sliding doors at the point of manufacture so for many customers it will just be a case of installing the tracks then placing the doors.

We are more than just retailers of sliding doors, we are bespoke manufacturers; so whenever you have a question we are here to help, as we take great pride in the product we produce and this is the reason we have so many repeat customers to this day.

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How to Install Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Step 1: Measuring Your Space

It's a lot easier than you may think, and you do not have to worry about door overlaps etc. as we take care of all of the calculations for you. 

We simply require the height and the width of your available space and we will make the doors and the matching top and bottom tracks to fit that space perfectly*. The matching track set will always be supplied with every sliding door order from Bedrooms Plus.

Important: When entering your sizes, always enter the smallest of the heights along your opening and the wider of your widths.

Measuring Sliding Wardrobe Door Sizes

If you are looking at some of our fantastic Interior Wardrobe Storage Solutions then be sure to allow 620mm of space for these to be installed behind your Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Step 2: Submit Your Sizes Online

We have a quick and easy to use web form which asks you a few questions to get started. 

After this is complete, it will be over to our expert team and of advisors and you'll be assigned your own dedicated point of contact.

Click the Bespoke Quote button below to get a detailed proposal from the team now.

Your Point Of Contact

As manufacturers, we take pride in the products we create and we excel in customer service too. Your order for custom sliding wardrobe doors will be handled by your own dedicated advisor. 

One of our friendly experts will be assigned to your request and design a detailed proposal for you. Feel free to ask them any questions at all via email or by phone.

Placing Your Order

Once you are happy with your design and we have answered all your questions we'll proceed with your order. We will take your information and send you a detailed online invoice allowing you to complete your purchase.

You'll have the same personal advisor throughout. Even for any technical questions, our dedicated experts will be happy to help.

Step 3: Installing Your Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Installing your sliding doors is a very easy job, because most of the work is done for you in our workshop. All of the parts that make the doors slide are already preinstalled by our team and they are ready to roll.

*Note, your track set will be supplied slightly longer than the width you provided to us. There is a good reason for this. When provided at the exact width you specify it can be extremely tight fitting, and if you do have to cut a little off it is very difficult to cut off small sections of steel or aluminium. However, with the track being provided oversize, you can then mark the exact size you need (which we normally recommend around 3mm less than your space) and then be able to cut it easily with a hacksaw.