Furniture cupboard & cabinet handles designed to create the ultimate finish to your kitchen, bedroom or bathroom.

Cupboard handles, the most used item in your kitchen

Choosing the right cupboard handles for your kitchen or bedroom really does make a huge difference. You don't just want a standout design that compliments your cupboards and drawers. You want a drawer handle that is built to last and will look the same after several years.

Think about how many times you use your cabinet handles on a daily basis around the kitchen. Whether you go for a traditional pull handle or a super modern bar handle. The end result needs to be something you love. Often handles are overlooked in design. But think about this...our handles give you easy access to the biscuit cupboard.

What Makes Bedrooms Plus cupboard handles different?

Quality products. It is always about quality control for us. A huge difference is that our handles are not just picked from a catalogue and sold on. We test every drawer handle thoroughly in house before ever offering them for sale. We work with hardware designers all over the world and we handpick the good handles.

Normally we will discard 50-60% of handles tested if they do not meet our standards. Your kitchen handles go through a lot and they need to be tough while still looking fantastic. We believe we have achieved that with every one of our door handles.

Our range of handles is very large after years of development. You can choose from a wide range of bow handles, bar handles, door knobs, crystal glass handles & cup handles. Many of the ranges are available in several finishes including stainless steel, chrome, nickel, copper and pewter.

Whatever it is you are looking for, we have a door pull handle to suit your kitchen cupboard or bedroom furniture with Next Day Delivery available.

What is included with Bedrooms Plus cabinet pull handles?

Every order will come complete with fixing screws for your handles. These are normally 25mm long but if you need another size just let us know. We also include a handy measuring tape with every order of cupboard handles. This can be very handy for installation and also handy for odd jobs around the house.

Our 2-year warranty. This is not something you will in many places. The quality of our pull handles is that high and we have so much confidence in them that we have doubled the standard warranty on the products via our own M4TEC trademarked brand.

Reduce plastic with Bedrooms Plus pull handles

Reducing plastic from online retail is something we are very passionate about. You will notice that when you buy kitchen handles in DIY stores that they come in plastic clamshell packaging which is one of the worst types of packaging polluting our oceans.

When you order M4TEC furniture handles, your order will arrive in a fully recyclable cardboard box with paper loose fill packaging. This can all be fully recycled. Many of the handles are individually wrapped in plastic and this is done at the point of manufacture and to ensure there is no damage with handles touching in transit. This is something we are working on with all of our suppliers and will continue to reduce.

If you do see any form of plastic packaging inside our boxes this is due to our Reduce, Re-Use, Recycle policy which aims to ensure no plastic is only used once.

We all need to get a "handle" on climate change and plastic reduction