KwikCaps Wax Crayons

Easily cover small chips and imperfections with KwikCaps Soft Wax furniture repair crayons. We have developed our own range of wax crayons to match our already popular KwikCaps Self Adhesive Screw Caps and we have matched these to popular Egger board colours.

Whether it is a little scratch or a pin head that you need to cover, our wax furniture crayons will provide a near-perfect and invisible repair to many popular colours. The wax has been developed to be soft and easy to work with while hardening to create a near-solid finish.

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Soft wax furniture repair crayons are essential in any carpenters toolkit. Our crayons allow you to quickly and easily conceal minor imperfections in a way that they would never be seen. They can instantly transform a difficult and costly situation into a quick fix. 

The key is for the furniture wax to be soft enough to work with but hard enough to stay in place. That is where we have worked hard to develop our range of repair crayons and not only have we developed a great quality wax but we have created incredible colours matches with egger boards that complement our Self Adhesive Screw Cover Caps.

A great tip when using our wax crayons is to use any form of wet wipes like Big Wipes around the area you are looking to fill and then rub the wax into the small hole or scratch. Using this method, the soft wax enters the area that needs to be repaired but does not stick to the surrounding area that is wet, therefore leaving nothing to scrape away or clean up afterwards.