Accessories & Fixings

Our range of furniture accessories is always growing with various ranges including Blum Cabinet Hinges, U Scribe Installation Jigs, Metal shelving brackets and much more.

We also have our own range of soft wax furniture repair crayons as part of our KwikCaps range. The accessories we offer are tried and tested products for the trade that is ideal for furniture installation.

Furniture installation accessories make the job easier. We all need the right tool for the job but we also need fixings and accessories that work well. We focus on providing a range of furniture installation accessories that really save you time without focussing on massive quantities of products. We sell products that we use ourselves including soft wax furniture repair crayons, Blum Cabinet Hinges and chrome shelving brackets. 

Bulk pricing discounts on Blum Hinges along with some other consumables are always available. We also stock the popular Unika Colorfill worktop joint sealer in more than 50 colours.

Our range of fixings includes the incredibly popular U-Scribe Jig, Unika Mitre Bond and much more.